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Health Tips For The Holidays

christmas scarecrow Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Parties are almost everywhere during the holidays. When there’s a great party, there’s also great food! It is good to indulge ourselves with so many kinds of food served in every celebration but it’s also important not to forget our health. Below are some tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays and avoid those extra pounds brought by excess intake of fatty food and alcoholic drinks.

working out

1. Exercise everyday – The Holidays bring extra weight to our body. Steak, pasta and other carbohydrates-packed foods plus 6 buckets of beer may add 3-5 lbs. to your regular weight in an instant.  By finding a few minutes every day before going to work to exercise, you don’t have to worry about those excess pounds when the new year comes. Burning the fats and sweating it out is always the best way to kill the unwanted flab.

sleeping woman2. Sleep well – Don’t push yourself and stay up late every single night. Studies show that going out in successive days can weaken your immune system which makes you prone to illness. Always have enough sleep to replenish your energy the next day.

3. Eat moderately – So you really can’t resist the food? Here’s the deal – take a little amount of every food you want and eat in moderation. This can help make you feel full without overeating. Also, it helps to choose which food to eat. Stay away from fatty foods and as much as possible, drink water instead of sodas.

4. Be happy –  The key to having a healthy body is to be happy. Enjoying what you do shall keep your heart and mind healthy. Do activities that helps you release all of your negative energy. Stay away from stress, after all it’s the holidays, everybody should be having nothing but fun.