The Importance Of Performing Legionella Testing In Care Homes

2There is an increasing number of senior citizens choosing to reside in care homes. In such facilities, they have trained care providers who can take care of their daily routine. However, the cost of staying at care homes is not cheap, most especially when it is meant for a high quality of life. Hence, it is very important that these care facilities ensure the health and safety of tenants.

Indeed, cleanliness is a must. Care homes are obliged to undergo extra steps in guaranteeing optimum cleanliness to prevent disease-causing bacteria from proliferating in the facility. In other words, they must perform Legionella testing.

Reasons For Performing Legionella Testing In Care Homes

1Elderly are prone to acquiring the Legionnaire’s disease – Bear in mind that the elderly have weak immune system. So it is very crucial that their living conditions don’t have elements that can compromise their health.

Legionella is a kind of bacteria that occurs naturally – Hence, changing weather can trigger the presence and proliferation of Legionella bacteria. Its spread can efficiently be prevented by frequent Legionella testing.

For a landlord, Legionella testing is a part of your maintenance routine – Such test must be carried out regularly because the daily routine of the tenants will include activities like hot baths, steaming and water exercises that may boost exposure to Legionella.

The cost of Legionella testing is very affordable – There is no reason for you not to perform Legionella testing in care homes on a regular basis because its cost has become more reasonable, most especially when care homes choose to opt for the water testing kits.

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