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What Makes Aptamil Junior With Pronutra The Smart Choice For Your Child

8Choosing the right milk for your growing child can be a challenge, especially with the many options on the market. The different formulas have similar promises in terms of boosting children’s development, so how do you tell which one is the best for your child?

You can go with your pediatrician’s recommendation, but if you know what you want for your kid, you don’t always need to settle for what the doctor recommended — especially if it’s too expensive.

Among the reasonably priced formulas available is Aptamil Junior with Pronutra. This is formulated for toddlers who have unique nutritional and developmental needs. It took 40 years of research to develop this formula so it can effectively address the common health issues that children deal with during the toddler years.

For example, iron deficiency or anemia is common among children. Aptamil Junior with Pronutra provides adequate amounts of iron in order to prevent this common children’s condition that negatively impacts body and brain development.

Aside from healthy amounts of iron, the milk formula also has essential vitamins that help with bone development, recovery from common illnesses and skin injuries, and boosting the immune system. Vitamins arrest harmful bacteria activity that’s known to aggravate allergies and cause infections that can actually linger and occur repeatedly throughout the growing years.

9This formula also contains DHA and AA fatty acids – these are vital to brain development during the toddler years because 85% of your child’s brain develops by the age of 3. With the help of these fatty acids, the physical development of the brain and cognitive development are properly supported. If you’re thinking of already enrolling your child in school, you can rest assured that he will be to able adjust to the changes that schooling will bring, such as the academic and social demands that his young mind will already be required to meet.

It’s worth mentioning as well that DHA and AA fatty acids help greatly with visual development. Much of a young person’s understanding of his surroundings and situations comes from everything he sees so it’s fundamental to your child’s development to be able to see the world clearly. With Aptamil Junior with Pronutra, clear and healthy visual development is thoroughly supported.

Aptamil Junior with Pronutra has what other formulas have and more, and this is what sets it apart from the other options on the market. Therefore, if you want to ensure your child’s optimum development, you can trust this milk formula to contribute effectively to this goal.