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Facts About Nootropics

Blog.Bulletproof When improving health and performance, most individuals think of food. Of course, consuming food allows individuals to reenergize. Apart from that, some food items provide different nutrients and minerals which can help them become healthier. Plus, there are also some individuals who opt for supplements to obtain sufficient amounts of nutrients. As of now, when looking for enhancers, most individuals opt for nootropics.

Nootropics also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers are substances that improve cognitive function. To know more, below are some facts individuals need to know before using nootropics.

Benefits of Nootropics

Enhance memory – First and foremost, nootropics are known to improve memory. This is possible since nootropics can increase the blood flow to the brain. As a result, individuals improve the health of their brain which can help them boost mental capabilities.

Replenish the neurotransmitter – Nootropics are also known to replenish neurotransmitters. Because of this, the pre-frontal cortex of the brain can generate higher thought and mind-muscle connection.

Improve connections – Lastly, nootropics are also known to improve connections between different parts of the brain. As a result, individuals can perform numerous tasks easily and efficiently.

Side effects of Nootropics

Apart some benefits, individuals must also be aware that some nootropics have side effects. These include the following.

Safety – Surely, nootropics can help individuals improve their mental abilities. But, there are no safety data when using nootropics for a long period.

Toxicity – Unfortunately, there are also nootropics that contain toxins. For instance, Racetams is a type of nootropic contain substances with low toxicity. But, studies have shown that there is little evidence that is can cause cognitive impairments.

Addiction – Finally, some nootropics are quite addictive. Because of this, some individuals consume substantial amounts of nootropics that can result in serious health and mental issues. Thus, individuals must follow the amount of intake to avoid this issue.

Blog.BulletproofPopular types of Nootropics

In case that you are planning to make use of nootropics, it is best to know the best ones such as:

Modafinil – Modafinil enhances dopamine release. Not to mention, this type of nootropic can also increase focus, problem-solving abilities, and wakefulness.

L-theanine – L-theanine is a major component of black and green tea, which promotes relaxation, alertness and arousal. Other than that, it also increases reaction time, memory, and mental endurance.

Bacopa Monnieri – Bacopa Monnieri helps your body adapt to stress. It also improves memory in healthy adults and enhances attention and mood in people over 65.

These are only some of the facts individuals need to be aware of when planning to make use of nootropics to boost their performance.

Source: is a website that features healthy solutions that can help individuals improve their health and performance.

Drink Up: The Importance of Water for Children

PediaSureArabia When you walk down supermarket aisles, you can easily observe the great number of beverages marketed toward children. From juice boxes to cartons of milk (in different flavors) to bottles of colorful soft drinks and different brands of chocolate milk, there’s no question that beverage makers know very well how much children are drawn to sweet things and pretty packaging, so they make sure to offer up a wide variety of drinks that kids will love to find in their lunchbox or grab from their fridge for an after-school snack.

But while some of these beverages (like milk and 100% fruit juices) are known to be nutritious for children, there’s no question that the purest, most important liquid that your children should be drinking is water.

What is the importance of water for children?

• Water makes up more than half of your child’s body weight. Why? Because it performs a number of crucial functions that help keep the body working properly:

• Water is found in the blood which carries oxygen to all of the body’s cells. Without oxygen, the cells will die, preventing your various body parts from working the way they should.

• Water helps your child digest food and get rid of waste in the form of urine and feces.

• Fluids play a substantial role within your immune system, helping the body to effectively fight off illness.

• Water is also the primary component of sweat which your child’s body releases in order to regulate temperature.

Giving children sufficient water

Kids won’t always immediately drink up whenever they feel thirst, especially if they are preoccupied with schoolwork or playtime. This means that kids can be prone to dehydration, and this can become more common during hot summer months or when kids are physically active.

PediaSureArabiaAs a parent, part of your responsibility to provide good nutrition for your kids is to always make sure that they are getting the right amounts of fresh, clean water every day. Here are some tips that can be helpful for parents:

• Generally, boys and girls between four and eight years of age need about 1.6 litres of water per day from both food and drinks. As they grow older, from nine to 13 years of age, slight differences will be seen — girls will need about 1.9 litres per day from food and drink, while boys will require about 2.1 litres of water per day from food and drink.

• You can get your kids hydrating as soon as they take their morning meal. Always encourage them to drink plain water, milk, or fruit and vegetable juices during breakfast.

• Make sure your kid’s meals contain hydrating ingredients as well. Peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce are examples of foods that contain plenty of water.

• If your kids play sports or are constantly exposed to warm weather, make sure they always have a bottle of water wherever they go.

• Make drinking water fun and easy by adding interesting elements to their glass — a slice of lemon or lime, ice cubes with sliced grapes or berries, or a straw in curly or cartoony shapes can all help. Check this site to know more about the importance of water for children.

Things To Know About Leptin

BulletProofA lot of individuals are now conscious about their health due to the increasing numerous of diseases. That is why some individuals are spending time in learning how the body works in order to help them improve their health and performance. And, one of the most common things individuals wish to learn is about leptin. To know more, below are some interesting facts about leptin individuals need to know.

What is Leptin and leptin resistance?

Leptin is a protein that is made in the fat cells, which circulates in the bloodstream, and goes to the brain in order to help you store enough energy in your fat cells to engage in normal, relatively expensive metabolic processes. Sadly, some individuals may experience leptin resistance.

Leptin resistance is when leptin does not work well to decrease appetite or increase energy expenditure. Because of this, leptin resistance leads to increased appetite and decreased energy expenditure.

Factors that Contribute to Leptin Resistance

As of now, leptin resistance is a complex issue with no singular cause. But, health experts claim that there are many factors that can negatively impact Leptin levels. These include the following:

Fructose consumption
High stress levels
Consumption of a lot of simple carbs
Lack of sleep
High insulin levels
Exercising too much, especially if your hormones are already damaged
Grain and lectin consumption

Because of this, it is important for individuals to be cautious in their lifestyle. Plus, individuals can also seek help from experts. In case that, experts recommend you to change your dietary plan, individuals need to look for products from reliable health product providers. These providers make sure that their products are safe and effective in order to match your health needs properly.

How to reduce leptin resistance

BulletProofWhen it comes to leptin resistance, individuals can try numerous ways that can reduce such issue such as:

Eat little to no simple starches, refined foods, sugars and fructose

Consume a large amount of protein and healthy fats to promote satiety and to give the body the building blocks to make hormones.

Avoid snacking frequently even small amounts. This is important since snacking during the day keeps your liver working and does not give hormones a break.

Eat more Omega-3s and minimize your Omega-6 consumption to get lower inflammation and help support healthy leptin levels.

Knowing all these can help individuals improve their health and lifestyle easily and efficiently. Know more about leptin on this site.

The Effect Of Laser Pigmentation Removal On The Skin

05Skin pigmentation disorders are relatively prevalent, often resulting in substantial stress in patients because their outward appearance is affected. Most of the concerns raised are simply aesthetic but some skin pigment changes may indicate more serious, underlying conditions, such as lupus. All skin pigmentation disorders are directly connected to the quantity of skin pigment, melanin that is present. A skin disorder with an excess of melanin is known as hyperpigmentary, whereas a disorder with a shortage of melanin is termed hypopigmentary. Loss of pigment in hair can result in white hair.

Many people are aware that pigmentation can affect all race and skin types. This can be observed in various different ways. For lighter skinned people, they get dark spots from years of sun exposure damage. Early signs of damage typically affect only the superficial layers of the skin and can be treated with topical solutions such as retinol or hydroquinone.

For darker-skinned individuals, on the other hand, the most common pigmentation problems are melasma (a patchy kind of brown discoloration appearing on skin areas that are exposed to the sun) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (excessive pigment production caused by injury or inflammation of the skin). Both conditions affect a deeper layer of the skin and will therefore require something stronger than topical solutions for effective treatment.

Severe pigmentation problems that cannot be treated with topical therapies require technologies such as laser for proper skin pigmentation removal. PicoSure is a highly recommended form of laser therapy recommended by trusted dermatologists for removing pigmentation in the skin. It has an advanced system for facilitating a more targeted treatment of pigmented skin areas; lightening and minimized appearance of the pigmentation can already be observed after a single session. This is due to PicoSure’s revolutionary Picosecond technology, which makes it the preferred choice among patients in need of a speedy yet effective treatment method for their skin issues.

With laser pigmentation removal options, any individual can experience improved, more beautiful skin. Contact the skin specialists at Medical Village to know more about the best skin solutions for you today.

About the Author: Joseph Lendel is a skin care advocate and blogger for Medical Village in Dubai. He enjoys writing about the new advancements in the field of surgical skin care and reviews new clinical equipment.

The Wonders Of Natural Allergy Treatments

02One of the many benefits of taking natural allergy treatments is to avoid taking any unnecessary chemicals which may be present in the usual medicines being advised by doctors. Often times the results we gain from taking conventional medicine are the same exact results that we could be attaining from natural allergy treatments. The first natural allergy treatment is quercetin. Quercetin is a natural plant derived compound that aids in stabilizing most cells in the body. Quercetin is also a natural antioxidant which aids in cleaning up free radicals. If you suffer from seasonal allergies begin taking quercetin six weeks before allergy season starts in order to avoid any allergy related symptoms.

Another natural allergy treatment is an herb known as butterbur. This herb is said to be an excellent alternative to antihistamines. When taken during allergy season, this herb is known to have wonderful anti-inflammatory effects. Taking this herb will decrease histamine and leukotrienes in the body. And the last and probably most effective herb against allergy outbreaks is the stinging nettle. The stinging nettle actually slows down the body’s ability to produce histamine. This particular herb is one of the best natural preventative remedies against all types of allergies. So if you suffer from allergies try one of these natural remedies and relive some of your allergy symptoms. For a good source of natural treatments, visit

Stave Off Signs Of Aging With Treatments Like Skin Tightening In Dubai

1Women, aged 30 and above, must upgrade their skin care routine by integrating anti-aging products and methods. Lots of medical studies have shown that during this time, aging will become a very serious concern. It will manifest through skin woes like sagginess, the formation of wrinkles, and a long period of skin renewal. During this time also, skin care might be frustrating since there are plenty of different products to use; still, the outcome you are aiming for do not come very easily.

Good thing there are different options for staving off signs of aging. These include depigmentation, skin rejuvenation, and skin tightening. Dubai aesthetics centers have various treatment options for these three. You can actually explore all of them for you to determine which of them will provide the best possible outcome.

Skin Tightening From The Best Skin Clinic In Dubai

When it comes to skin tightening, the reliable skin clinic in Dubai makes use of the latest US technology – PicoSure. This fights sagginess efficiently by organically boosting the production of collagen, most especially around the eye area, the jaws, the cheeks, and the neck. Furthermore, it will also prevent wrinkles around the eyes and mouth and on the forehead.

This highly recommended skin tightening procedure is non-invasive. It will certainly deliver instant gratification. People who tried such procedure said that it does not hurt at all. Also, significant changes can already be seen after just a single session. With regular treatments, it will definitely amaze you since you are guaranteed to achieve the flawless, smooth skin that plastic surgery delivers.

2Although PicoSure might be intended to target different signs of aging, it is also worth note taking that it can also address other skin issues such as acne and discoloration. This advanced laser technology is so well made that it can also be used to remove tattoos permanently. It is considered a very beneficial treatment since the side effects can result to improved skin health.

For most skin problems caused by aging, people today can get injectable wrinkle fillers as well as relaxers. Those with extra money can definitely go under the knife. However, if you really want a safer route and you wish to achieve the most natural-looking tightened skin, PicoSure laser skin tightening certainly is a great option. Bear in mind that as compared to synthetic filler and plastic surgery, there are no risks for such treatment. Also, this treatment option is more affordable. Most importantly, there is no downtime for recovery.

About the author: Lhizelle Mae Norbome is suffering from different skin conditions. Good thing she found about the latest skincare technology offered by a reliable skin clinic in Dubai. Learn more about this non-invasive skin tightening procedure now.

The Benefits Of Wearing A Lymphedema Compression Sleeve

6A person moves approximately three liters of fluid throughout the body every day when functioning properly. This process happens with the help of a channel of vessels and is part of the blood flow’s cleaning and filtering system.

This normal process and system may be jeopardized due to treatments for cancer, surgery, injury, trauma, and other causes or issues. Because of this, lymphedema may happen or develop – a condition wherein the system is compromised and an accumulation of lymph fluid develops in the soft tissues causing certain parts of the body to swell, most often the ones in the extremities.

Symptoms Of Arm And Lower Leg Lymphedema

Arm Lymphedema

• Swelling in the arm, including the fingers
• Restricted range of motion
• Heaviness or tightness in the limbs
• Thick or hardened skin

Lower Leg Lymphedema

• The skin feeling tight
• A full sensation in legs
• Reduced flexibility in the ankle
• Persistent swelling of the legs
• Difficulty fitting into clothing in one specific area (ie. ankle)

Treatment For Lymphedema

reputable retailer of lymphedema compression sleevesUnfortunately, there is no known cure for lymphedema; treatment is all about minimizing the swelling and managing the pain. These treatment options would depend on the degree of the fibrosis and on the severity of the edema. People who suffer from this condition usually have to undergo a daily treatment regimen recommended by their doctor or therapist. These include direct lymphatic massage, exercise, and the use of a lymphedema compression sleeve.

Lymphedema compression sleeves are elastic compression garments worn by a person with lymphedema on the affected limb to reduce edema and encourage the flow of lymph fluid out of that limb through compression. They can be purchased in standard sizes over-the-counter or they can be customized to meet the specific requirements or measurements of a patient.

Benefits Offered By Lymphedema Compression Sleeves

Below are the top benefits patients can gain by wearing lymphedema compression sleeves:

reputable retailer of lymphedema compression sleeves• They help limit the amount of fluid building up in the limb. Typically, fluid constantly flows from the tiny blood vessels into the tissues. This fluid will then be drained by the lymph system. Pressure from lymphedema compression sleeves will reduce any excessive or unnecessary flow of fluid from the bloodstream into the tissues.

• Lymphedema compression sleeves enable fluid within the limb to move towards the body where it can drain away more easily. This is a goal this can be achieved easily when simple/manual lymphatic drainage is also done. This is because the compression sleeves have a graduated compression (there is more strength at the foot/hand than at the top of the garment) and hence, the fluid is directed to the root of the limb which is either the groin or armpit.

• Lastly, this garment can provide the muscles with a firm resistance to work against. This will improve the function of the lymphatic system and encourage the movement of fluid along the lymph routes.

Author Bio:

Robert Yang is an oncology nurse. He recommends reading more about lymphedema compression sleeves on