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The Effect Of Laser Pigmentation Removal On The Skin

05Skin pigmentation disorders are relatively prevalent, often resulting in substantial stress in patients because their outward appearance is affected. Most of the concerns raised are simply aesthetic but some skin pigment changes may indicate more serious, underlying conditions, such as lupus. All skin pigmentation disorders are directly connected to the quantity of skin pigment, melanin that is present. A skin disorder with an excess of melanin is known as hyperpigmentary, whereas a disorder with a shortage of melanin is termed hypopigmentary. Loss of pigment in hair can result in white hair.

Many people are aware that pigmentation can affect all race and skin types. This can be observed in various different ways. For lighter skinned people, they get dark spots from years of sun exposure damage. Early signs of damage typically affect only the superficial layers of the skin and can be treated with topical solutions such as retinol or hydroquinone.

For darker-skinned individuals, on the other hand, the most common pigmentation problems are melasma (a patchy kind of brown discoloration appearing on skin areas that are exposed to the sun) and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (excessive pigment production caused by injury or inflammation of the skin). Both conditions affect a deeper layer of the skin and will therefore require something stronger than topical solutions for effective treatment.

Severe pigmentation problems that cannot be treated with topical therapies require technologies such as laser for proper skin pigmentation removal. PicoSure is a highly recommended form of laser therapy recommended by trusted dermatologists for removing pigmentation in the skin. It has an advanced system for facilitating a more targeted treatment of pigmented skin areas; lightening and minimized appearance of the pigmentation can already be observed after a single session. This is due to PicoSure’s revolutionary Picosecond technology, which makes it the preferred choice among patients in need of a speedy yet effective treatment method for their skin issues.

With laser pigmentation removal options, any individual can experience improved, more beautiful skin. Contact the skin specialists at Medical Village to know more about the best skin solutions for you today.

About the Author: Joseph Lendel is a skin care advocate and blogger for Medical Village in Dubai. He enjoys writing about the new advancements in the field of surgical skin care and reviews new clinical equipment.