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Drink Up: The Importance of Water for Children

PediaSureArabia When you walk down supermarket aisles, you can easily observe the great number of beverages marketed toward children. From juice boxes to cartons of milk (in different flavors) to bottles of colorful soft drinks and different brands of chocolate milk, there’s no question that beverage makers know very well how much children are drawn to sweet things and pretty packaging, so they make sure to offer up a wide variety of drinks that kids will love to find in their lunchbox or grab from their fridge for an after-school snack.

But while some of these beverages (like milk and 100% fruit juices) are known to be nutritious for children, there’s no question that the purest, most important liquid that your children should be drinking is water.

What is the importance of water for children?

• Water makes up more than half of your child’s body weight. Why? Because it performs a number of crucial functions that help keep the body working properly:

• Water is found in the blood which carries oxygen to all of the body’s cells. Without oxygen, the cells will die, preventing your various body parts from working the way they should.

• Water helps your child digest food and get rid of waste in the form of urine and feces.

• Fluids play a substantial role within your immune system, helping the body to effectively fight off illness.

• Water is also the primary component of sweat which your child’s body releases in order to regulate temperature.

Giving children sufficient water

Kids won’t always immediately drink up whenever they feel thirst, especially if they are preoccupied with schoolwork or playtime. This means that kids can be prone to dehydration, and this can become more common during hot summer months or when kids are physically active.

PediaSureArabiaAs a parent, part of your responsibility to provide good nutrition for your kids is to always make sure that they are getting the right amounts of fresh, clean water every day. Here are some tips that can be helpful for parents:

• Generally, boys and girls between four and eight years of age need about 1.6 litres of water per day from both food and drinks. As they grow older, from nine to 13 years of age, slight differences will be seen — girls will need about 1.9 litres per day from food and drink, while boys will require about 2.1 litres of water per day from food and drink.

• You can get your kids hydrating as soon as they take their morning meal. Always encourage them to drink plain water, milk, or fruit and vegetable juices during breakfast.

• Make sure your kid’s meals contain hydrating ingredients as well. Peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce are examples of foods that contain plenty of water.

• If your kids play sports or are constantly exposed to warm weather, make sure they always have a bottle of water wherever they go.

• Make drinking water fun and easy by adding interesting elements to their glass — a slice of lemon or lime, ice cubes with sliced grapes or berries, or a straw in curly or cartoony shapes can all help. Check this site to know more about the importance of water for children.